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Moving to the latest version of Loan Vision will allow us to automate more and get more information to the decision makers in the branches without them having to reach out to the head office
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans
“Two years ago, we were among the top 10 lenders in the country. Today, we’re solidly in the lead and it has everything to do with a focused effort to align our goals…We couldn’t have done it without Bestborn and Loan Vision helping us identify and improve areas in the channel where costs were substantially higher, and target and pursue business that’s most profitable for us.”
Paul Orlando, Chief Information Officer, United Shore Financial Services, LLC
Reduce manual workloads

Loan Visions features functionalty and tools to reduce manual workloads for the mortgage bank accouting department. Wether its importing data from the LOS to reconciling G/L accounts, Loan Vision helps across the board. 

Improve business insight

Insight into Loan activity, Branch performance, LO Profitability, Product Sales Performance or any other metric the customer choose all drive unrivalled reporting; leading to increased decision making capabilities.

Reduce Operating Costs

Wether its decreasing staff workloads and reducing overtime or saving on printing and paper costs; Loan Vision reduces operating costs by leveraging technology. Loan Vision helps you do more with less.

Decrease business risk

Mortgage banking accounting departments must remain compliant with lending regualtions as well as GAAP. Loan Vision can help navigate these challenges through audit control, SOX compliance, security & permission controls and other mortgage banking specific tools. 


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