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Implementation Requires a Steady Hand

UPDATING ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY IS NOT A JOB FOR THE CFO One of the byproducts of an ever increasing competitive landscape as well as the continuing rise in the cost to originate, is the demand for timely, granular reporting; which, more often that not, older technologies or off-the-shelf financials solutions struggle to produce efficiently.  While it

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Financial Accounting Systems in the Age of Agility

In an age of skyrocketing technological capabilities and ever increasing software functionality enhancements, the mortgage banking industry is now in the age of agility, making it more vital than ever to have a financial system rooted in cutting edge technology that has been built on a solid foundation. While routine updates and improvements are crucial,

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3 Reasons to Reduce Your Accounting Software Footprint

When it comes to the task of loan origination, the primary focus of the mortgage lending enterprise, most lenders are highly skilled at streamlining their technology platforms. They rely on the software they need to complete the mortgage origination process in the most efficient manner and keep their sales operations functioning at maximum efficiency, day

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Improve Your Performance

IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE Growth for many companies lies in keeping tabs on the performance of their branches For many mid-tier lenders, the key to growth is still a vibrant, profitable network of branch offices. Recruiting good branch managers and their origination teams is a very competitive business and a number of companies have become very

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