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Key Features

  • Loan Card – The central repository for each loan, with every piece of information stored in one place for easy reference and reporting
  • LOS to Ledger Automation – Custom imports that consume and validate loan-level data straight from your LOS automatically at multiple stages of a loan’s lifecycle.
  • Loan Funded/Sold Processing – Process and validate funded and sold data through to General Ledger for hundreds of loans in a matter of seconds.
  • Warehouse Line Report Consumption – Easily ingest Warehouse Line disbursement and settlement reports into the G/L without having to manipulate spreadsheets or hand key data
  • Loan Level Reconciliations Tools – Ensure compliance with loan level controls, lending, and compliance agreements and maximize revenue using Loan Vision’s many reconciliations tools.
  • Loan Level Reporting – Utilize prebuilt & custom loan-level reports to fully understand the true cost to originate, loan-level profitability, and much more.
  • Interim Servicing – Functionality that streamlines the short-term servicing of a loan, typically between the funding and sale of a loan. Produce payment request letters, receive payments, print 1098’s, and export investor reports
  • General Ledger – The backbone of the system which includes a fully configurable, working chart of accounts with drill-down, filtering, reporting, and much more
  • Dimensions – Slice and dice data with ease using the dimension capabilities and produce financial performance reports by Channel, Branch, Loan Officer, Product Type, and more at the touch of a button
  • Journals, Recurring Journals & Deferrals – Post one-time, recurring, or deferred entries at the loan and dimension level
  • Close Manager – Manage and track the monthly close process with ease using the Loan Vision Close Manager. Create a checklist, assign tasks, and approve complete items directly within your financial package
  • Vendor Management – Create and manage vendors within Loan Vision, allowing for efficient vendor approval, vendor document management, and reporting
  • Accounts Payables – Enter payables at the loan and dimension level easily with the systems import capabilities
  • Concur Integration – Using Concur Invoice, Expense, or both? Automatically import the approved items within Concur into the system using a push-button integration
  • 1099 Management – Come year-end, quickly and easily produce and print 1099 reports directly from the system, while also generating the electronic file for IRS submission
  • Cash Management – Print checks and create ACH batches within Loan Vision, while also uploading activity from the bank for streamlined bank reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting – The ability to produce timely detailed financial reports is key in today’s data-dependent business environment. Easily create custom financial reports with multiple columns and row layouts, slice and dice by dimension, and fully drill down into the data.
  • Web Based Branch Reporting – Share Loan Level and G/L data to Branch, Regional and Executive Management via a web-based dashboard designed specifically for non-financial users
    • Via the use of KPI’s and graphical displays, quickly and easily allow users to track financial performance
    • Drill down into loan level, branch, and other dimensional profitability for complete transparency into operation performance
    • Allow managers to see supporting documentation, such as invoices and receipts, to fully audit expenses paid on their behalf
  • Basics Budgets – Prepare a financial budget, incorporate into financial reports, and analyze budget vs actual
  • Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting – Create a clearer roadmap to profitability with the ability to forecast out twelve rolling months based on financial history.
  • JET Basics – Leverage the power of Excel and the Loan Vision data to create ad-hoc reports which can be refreshed time and time again as needed.
  • Commission Profiles – With the ability to handle the most complex of commission structures Loan Vision includes functionality to calculate:
    • Simple BHPS or Dollar Amount, Loan & Period Based Calculations
    • Conditions such as lead source etc.
    • Tiers by unit, volume or both
    • Teams and splits
    • Overrides
    • Guarantees
    • Much, much, more….
  • Draws Management – Automate the management of commission draws and debt directly in your General Ledger system rather than a spreadsheet
  • Commission Calculation & Reporting – Quickly and easily calculate commission with the push of a button and send out commission reports directly to employees in seconds
  • Commissions Portal – Give compensated employees access to commissions near-real-time via a web-based portal
  • Payroll Export – Export commissions data into Excel for loading into your payroll system of choice.
  • Fixed Asset Management – Manage long-term assets and depreciation, reducing your reliance on multiple business systems or manual spreadsheets.
  • Lease Management –Manage branch and corporate leases according to the ASC 842 Leasing Standards.
    • Determine lease terms, calculate lease liability and ROU asset, separate non-lease components, and more. 

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