Mortgage 1 Case Study

When it comes to managing multiple branches at a time, keeping the day-to-day accounting processes as seamless as humanly possible is the ideal. Without the right tools and processes in place, managing and servicing an extended brick and mortar network can quickly become a juggling act.

Mortgage 1, a rapidly growing lender based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, was struggling to manage its 35 locations with an accounting system that was not designed to support the company’s growth, making day-to-day processes extremely manual and time consuming for the team.

“Each branch office within our company had its own QuickBooks account, as well as its very own banking account,” explained Pat Boyle, Payroll Specialist at Mortgage 1. “In addition to those 35 QuickBooks accounts, we had to perform post and processing transactions at the local bank with 35 different account numbers, which seemed really inefficient.”

The internal process at Mortgage 1 driven by QuickBooks limitations would add up to hours and hours of time spent manually processing the information for each and every location individually. What were simple tasks with one or two branches became overly complex and laborious as the organization continued to see success.

“In order to balance properly, we had to take multiple steps in multiple QuickBooks accounts with multiple separate bank accounts,” Pat recalled. “Our corporate account was at a completely different bank, meaning that whenever we needed to pay the branches or vice versa, those transactions occurred by either ACH or paper check from their account to ours.”

The work-arounds the team had to develop in order to manage their branch network became more and more cumbersome, with even the most routine tasks proving to be extremely time consuming and inefficient. Dealing with these issues left Pat and his team wondering if there was a tool on the market that could help consolidate and simplify its accounting processes.

“At the time, we didn’t know if there was any other way to manage it all, but it seemed that there had to be some way to make it more efficient,” shared Pat, “It was around that time when our Vice President of Business Development came across another institution that had been using Loan Vision and indicated that it could be a great option for us to streamline our accounting completely.”


In order to move on from their previous system, the team believed that if they were going to make the investment in a new accounting system, it had to prove worthwhile. “We knew that if we were going to make such a huge change, we had to go with the right provider and not just settle for something different than we had before,” said Pat.

The decision-making committee at Mortgage 1 identified very early on that the most crucial part of this software investment would be finding an industry-specific platform, designed to facilitate the mortgage industries somewhat unique accounting requirements. The team knew that utilizing a tool readily designed for their industry would allow efficiency to effortlessly flow through the entire department, especially around the entering of data from the LOS.

“We really wanted the uploading of the fundings and the purchases from the LOS to be seamless, and we also wanted to combine all of our branch banking accounts in to one bank account that could be viewed at the organizational level easily,” explained Pat.

After making the decision to switch to Loan Vision, streamlining processes has provided many benefits for the team such as reducing the time the team used to spend on their accounting tasks as a whole. Shaun Guyett, Accounting Manager at Mortgage 1, recalled one such major benefit. “For me, one of the most attractive things about Loan Vision is that everything can be uploaded. All we have to do is press a few buttons and the process is done, whereas before, the same processes took multiple hours and multiple buttons.”

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