Expediting the Mortgage Bankers’ Financial Reporting Form

As you may already be well aware, every quarter, independent mortgage banks who do business with GSEs must submit a completed Mortgage Bankers’ Financial Reporting Form (MBFRF) via the online webMB portal. Failure to report on time doesn’t just lock a lender out of their webMB account, it could potentially mean suspension or disqualification of their status with the federal financial institutions.

Due to the nature of the MBFRF report, the financial information needed is often spread across multiple general ledger accounts, which in turn takes accounting departments hours to organize, compile, and submit. Even for those using the Loan Vision solution who have quick access to financial data, it’s traditionally been an exhausting task. For mortgage bankers using a system that is not industry-specific or a system that is outdated, this process can take even longer.

To combat this, we teamed up with Meahgan Riley at Mortgage Banking Solutions to expedite this process for Loan Vision users. By leveraging Loan Vision’s ability to create custom reports, Meahgan and I worked on a template that allows users to pull the information needed for the MBFRF report. Rather than searching through all their financial data, spending sometimes an entire day, customers can fill in the templated Excel workbook with their company-specific information and have the majority of the numbers they need at the touch of a button. While this custom account schedule doesn’t populate the MBFRF report for them, Loan Vision users are still able to reduce their time from 3-7 hours of searching to approximately 30 minutes of simply copying and pasting the information.

To get access to the template, you can reach out to Jordan Pavelka at [email protected].

About the Author


Beth Johnson is the senior consultant on the Project & Implementation team at Loan Vision. She is tasked with training those new to the accounting solution, both virtually and in-person, as well as instructing her team of training consultants. Beth spends a lot of her days on training and support calls and can often be seen pacing her office while talking to reach her step goal. When she’s not preparing new customers to launch their system, Beth aids the Support & Development team by testing new system improvements and answering support tickets.


Meahgan Riley is an expert Mortgage Accountant at Mortgage Banking Solutions (MBS). In her role as the manager of accounting services for MBS, she and her team capture all loan transaction detail to create financial and KPI reports for her outsourced accounting clients using QuickBooks or Loan Vision. Meahgan leverages her 12 years of experience as a mortgage accountant to manage the client’s mortgage accounting activity including, data capture and interface, commission detail, payroll interface, cash-flow projections, MBFRF/NMLS filing, GAAP based and management financial statements, and the seamless preparation of the CPA audit and tax returns. One of her greatest skills is the ability to dissect and resolve loan-related exceptions as they occur as well as the ability to bring order to chaos in mortgage accounting. Meahgan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. She anticipates completing the CPA exam within a few years. She lives in Arlington and loves to travel especially to locations with beaches and spend time with her kids Joshua, Joey, Jaiden, and Siobhan.


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