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Four Reasons Innovation is Important

As a technology vendor, we understand the importance of innovation. That’s why, in the past 8 years, Loan Vision has seen 3 major product releases with multiple functionality additions and upgrades and is getting ready to undergo another one. Technology advancements don’t just happen unjustifiably; at the end of the day, they are to make

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Creating Differentiation: How Intelligent Automation Can Help You Reimagine and Reengineer Mortgage Origination

As more fintech companies invest in the mortgage space, and with more IMBs going public seemingly every week, the technology landscape in mortgage lending – which typically lags other financial services industries – is changing rapidly and can be leveraged to create a significant competitive advantage. Innovative automation solutions currently in the market have been

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PPP 2.0 Guidance for Lenders

The latest stimulus bill passed by Congress allocates $284 billion to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This new legislation is said to have tighter requirements with more relaxed tax regulations. PPP round two reopens the program for first-time borrowers provides better flexibility for spending PPP funds, and, under certain conditions, allows prior

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Evaluating Your Accounting Department

As we all know, the one constant in the mortgage business is change. This past year has been no different, with volumes pushing operations to the limit. How has your accounting department been impacted? The need for accurate financials has always been important, but if management is waiting 30+ days to evaluate the performance of

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Economic Implications of 2020 and the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)

At the end of December, we typically give a general update to clients for year-end planning.  The standard practice is to review realized gains, ordinary income, and determine if there is an option to defer income and accelerate deductions.  This would include harvesting capital losses in investment portfolios to offset gains, determining elections to expense

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