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5 Tips for a Smooth Year End Close

As a fun group of opinionated folks, we combined our related corporate experiences and Loan Vision tricks to come up with some tips for a smoother year end close.  I KNOW I’ve had year end closes from Hades that I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat anytime soon! 

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Three Tough Decisions Required for Success in 2023

It’s the start of a new year!  How this year turns out for your company will be determined by three tough decisions executives need to make this month.   1. Get serious about operational productivity. Your operations staff will give you many reasons that they need all the people they have.  One word answer:  Bullshit.  The chart

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Opportunities to Increase Profitability and Resiliency

According to the MBA’s data, median productivity as fallen by over 50%. While market issues actually started in the 3rd quarter of 2020, lenders are seeing net production income decreasing significantly from Q32020 record highs, and costs per loan skyrocketing to an average of $10,600. CWDL and our partner Teraverde have had several discussions, including

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Another Conference in the Books!

This month, Loan Vision spent some time in Austin, Texas holding our 4th annual Loan Vision User Conference. As it was the first conference we’ve had since 2019, it was very highly anticipated, both by our team and by our customers. With this conference also being our largest one yet, we met with a number

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The Benefits of a True Cloud Platform

Most of the software and applications used in today’s world are no longer on-premises systems. The world is moving in a direction that wants, and needs, a solution that can keep up with their businesses. For over 20 years now, many companies have been moving to the cloud, also known as Software as a Service

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Move From LIBOR Further Complicates Warehouse Funding Decisions

Key Ideas:   Libor used to dominate warehouse line Agreements Warehouse line agreements now are referencing a wide array of interest rates Diverse sets of reference rates provide optionality to the originator Innovative decision engine simplifies complex funding decisions Mortgage lenders spent the last two years transitioning away from Libor. All new mortgage-backed securities issued by Fannie

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