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“Work on the Business, not In the Business.”

You probably heard this advice. Recently, a client asked me to explain this advice in detail. Here it goes: Working on the business, not just in it, can change everything for you. “Working on the Business” is thinking as leader. When I speak about a leader, it means an executive that runs the business, or

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Emerging Cyber Threats of 2021

“Good riddance, 2020. I’m so glad to get that year behind us so we can get back to normal!” is a phrase you may have uttered more than once. The last year has been hard; that’s undeniable, but from a cybersecurity perspective at least, few things have changed. The cyber threat landscape, the threat actors,

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Warehouse Line Management Automation Grows Your Profits

Over 70% of today’s mortgage origination volume comes from Independent Mortgage Bankers using warehouse lines of credit as their primary source of funding and there are few relationships more important than between a mortgage banker and their warehouse partner.  As former mortgage bankers, we knew bringing AI decisioning and automation to warehouse line management would

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