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Excess Business Loss Limitation and Tax Treatment of the Sales of MSRs

The sale of originated mortgage servicing rights (OMSRs) gives rise to several types of income. Ordinary income, short term capital gain, long-term capital gain and possibly excess servicing. The tax code requires that a determination be made as to whether any portion of the MSR should be considered excess servicing for tax reporting purposes. Excess

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Have You Really Done All You Can to “Fixed” Costs?

With rising rates, lower volumes and lower margins converging on the mortgage industry over the past 18 months, the constant response has been a combination of consolidation/aggregation, reductions in force, or outright surrender.  To those of you reading this and still in the battle, have you taken a second (or even third) look at certain

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Four Key Considerations for Compensating Top Lending Talent

In today’s mortgage market, it’s not only harder to compete for top lending talent but more expensive. You could just keep throwing money at the problem, but that’s not a sustainable strategy. You need a compensation strategy that rewards top talent in meaningful, not just monetary, terms –one that boosts morale and helps attract and

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Three Tough Decisions Required for Success in 2023

It’s the start of a new year!  How this year turns out for your company will be determined by three tough decisions executives need to make this month.   1. Get serious about operational productivity. Your operations staff will give you many reasons that they need all the people they have.  One word answer:  Bullshit.  The chart

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Opportunities to Increase Profitability and Resiliency

According to the MBA’s data, median productivity as fallen by over 50%. While market issues actually started in the 3rd quarter of 2020, lenders are seeing net production income decreasing significantly from Q32020 record highs, and costs per loan skyrocketing to an average of $10,600. CWDL and our partner Teraverde have had several discussions, including

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