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Mission & Vision

We strive to help transform accounting departments across the mortgage industry, aiding them in reaching maximum efficiency and offering tools to give them better insight into their profitability. We believe that every mortgage bank should have instant access to the financial information needed to make quick, strategic decisions.

The Loan Vision Story

It would be fair to say that the path to mortgage focused accounting system is not necessarily the one Bestborn Business Solutions started out on in 2006, but choosing to embrace that route in 2013, has lead to Loan Vision becoming the leading financial solution in today’s ever-changing mortgage industry.

In the past ten years since its launch at the 2013 MBA Technology Solutions Conference and Expo, both the Loan Vision team and the customer base have grown exponentially, with the 240th lender joining the Loan Vision family in December of 2021,  a far cry from the one customer it had at that first conference in Ft Lauderdale.

What’s the secret? Loan Vision pride themselves on providing not just the right tools, but also the right implementation approach and ongoing support to allow customers to maximize their use of the software. Combine that with ongoing education through monthly webinars, Super User Trainings, or the annual User Conference, and you truly have a solution to rely on.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, it is imperative that the tools a business looks to leverage are capable of staying the course and provide a solid foundation from which to operate. Built leveraging a leading financial system from Microsoft, not only do we work constantly to improve the system, but we also have the support of one of the largest technology companies in the world. This partnership is one reason why we’re able to bring best-of-class financial functionality to the mortgage industry, serving lenders of all shapes, sizes, and channels.

Whether you are challenged with a lack of integration between LOS & G/L, your finance team is drowning in a sea of manual tasks and spreadsheets, you have a lack of financial information on which to make a decision, or worse all three, Loan Vision might be worth a look.

Culture & Values

We have seen time and time again how our work changes the lives of our customers, whether it be in the success of their companies or through personal development. Because of this, we take our work very seriously. However, we understand the importance of having fun and value the relaxed and supportive environment we have worked hard to create. With a healthy dose of competitiveness and an appreciation for questionable humor, you are guaranteed to have a great time in our office.

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