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New Case Study: The Money Source
The Money Source Case Study


The mantra of The Money Source is “Grow Happiness"; however, the correspondent mortgage lender knew it needed better tools to capitalize on business growth. Expansion meant more loans to review and process, which required greater speed in the accounting department. The Money Source recognized an opportunity to invest in targeted technology that would help support the growth of its business and gain an edge over the competition. CFO Mike McGowan and Eric Schirmer, the company’s senior accountant, pursued a loan-level financial system overhaul with tremendous success. In a little under two years, the Melville, New York-based company has grown from 200 loans funded per month to over 2,500.




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With Loan Vision, growth has been facilitated through allowing the business to run reports and extract key data quickly and efficiently"
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans
Moving to the latest version of Loan Vision will allow us to automate more and get more information to the decision makers in the branches without them having to reach out to the head office
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans